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Do Dashers Get Discounts On Doordash

Do Dashers Get Discounts On Doordash

Founded in 2013, DoorDash is the only on-demand food delivery app to operate across all fifty states in the US. With over 20 million monthly active users, nearly 2 million dashers or delivery couriers, and 56% of the market share, DoorDash stands as the largest food delivery company in the USA. Ever since its founding, the company has been connecting customers with local and national restaurants with the help of independent delivery contractors, also known as Dashers. Being a Dasher comes with its benefits. Read on to learn more about do dashers get discounts on doordash and the topic DoorDash employee discount.

DoorDash Employee Discount

DoorDashers come under the category of independent contractors. While they aren’t entitled to certain benefits received by regular employees, their work is rewarded with employee discounts and incentives.

To support its employees, DoorDash offers a variety of discounts. For this, DoorDash has partnered with national brands to help the Dashers beyond the Dash. The discounts Dashers receive can be categorized into three.

  • Financial Discounts- Dashers get access to free unlimited debt negotiations, tools to build and improve their credits, 2% cashback on gas nationwide, free Everlance premium membership for three months, $20 off on Turbo-Tax self-employed.
  • Vehicle Discounts- Dashers receive $20 credits on CarAdvise to spend on car maintenance, Hertz car rental discounts, access to discounted oil changes at Take5.
  • Other Discounts- 50% off on one-day workshop at General Assembly, access to health care plans from Stride Health, assistance for tax withholding and retirement planning from Catch, 40% off on GoodRx Gold for 11 months to access discounted prescriptions.

In addition to the discounts mentioned above, Dashers receive free meals during their shift and free deliveries outside work.

Health Benefits at DoorDash

DoorDash partnered with an insurance company(Stride Health) to provide peace of mind to Dashers while on work. The health plan offers coverage to employees under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Dashers have access to the following health benefits-

  • Medical Insurance– Personalised ACA plan at lowest price with year-round customer support.
  • Dental– Dashers can use their dental plan just after one month of enrollment at nationwide locations. The plan covers regular dental checkups and 100% of dental cleanings.
  • Vision– Just like dental plans, Dashers can use their selected plan after one month of enrollment.

How Much Money Do DoorDash Dashers Make?

Unlike a traditional job, where the employees are paid biweekly or monthly, Dashers have an option to collect their earnings every week. The payment for each delivery is based on the location. Dashers delivering for long distances or have to collect orders from restaurants with long waiting times will be paid extra.

In addition to the regular earnings, Dashers receive money in the form of tips given by the customers and the company’s incentives. On average, a Dasher earns somewhere between $2 to $10 per delivery, along with additional pay for promotions and tips.

The earnings of the Dashers depend on two main factors- how and when they work. Dashers working during peak hours and completing target deliveries within a given period are entitled to receive extra promotional pay. Before accepting any order, Dashers will get an estimated amount they can earn through the delivery.


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